16-899 Hands: Design and Control for Dexterous Manipulation

Spring 2010
TuTh 3:00--4:20
GHC 4102

In this course, we will survey robotic hands and learn about the human hand with the goal of understanding hand design and control for dexterity. Questions to be explored include the following. Should robot hand kinematics be humanlike? What robotic sensors are available / practical, how do they measure up to sensors in the human hand, and what sensing capabilities are required for dexterous manipulation? What is a good benchmark suite of tasks for evaluating dexterous behavior? How do we design control algorithms for dexterous manipulation in the presence of uncertainty? What can we learn from human manipulation performance to improve robotic manipulation capability? This is a reading and project course. Students will be asked to present one or two short research papers of their own and to design and carry out a final project.

Instructor: Nancy Pollard

Week of Tue Thu
Jan 12 Robot Hands Overview Robot Hands Design Issues
Jan 19 Case study: Stanford / JPL hand - Design for fingertip grasping and manipulation
  • Matthew T. Mason and J. Kenneth Salisbury, Robot Hands and the Mechanics of Manipulation, MIT Press 1985.
  • Slides
Case study: Robonaut hand - Design for teleoperation and tool use
Jan 26 Case study: Dollar / Howe hand - Design for robustness and simplicity for grasping Case study: Cyberhand - Design for prosthetic applications
Feb 2 Field trip to motion capture lab - Shadow hand and prototype hand at CMU (meet in WeH 1334) Case study: ACT hand - utilizing humanlike kinematics, dynamics and control mechanisms
Feb 9 CLASS CANCELLED Final Project Brainstorming
Feb 16 Human Hand Kinematics and Driving Mechanisms (Joints, Muscles, and Tendons)
  • Lynette A. Jones and Susan L. Lederman, Human Hand Function, Oxford University Press 2006. Chapter 2.
  • Paul W. Brand and Anne M. Hollister, Clinical Mechanics of the Hand, Mosby, Inc., 1999. Chapter 3,4,5.
Human Hand Sensing and Grasping
  • Lynette A. Jones and Susan L. Lederman, Human Hand Function, Oxford University Press 2006. Chapter 4,6,8
Feb 23 Evolution of the Hand for Grasping and Tool Use Human Grasp Control
Mar 2 Object Recognition by Touch (Gurdayal Koonjul)
  • Klatzky, R. L., & Lederman, S. J. (2008). Object recognition by touch. In J. J. Rieser, D. Ashmead, F. Ebner, & A. Corn (Eds.), Blindness and brain plasticity in navigation and object perception (pp. 185-207). Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum.
Grasping and Manipulation in Graphics (Khoon Kiat Ong)
Mar 9 Spring Break Spring Break
Mar 16 Design Optimization and Curved Fingers (Jong Eun Kim) Grasp Quality
Mar 23 Grasp Subspaces (Alberto Rodriguez) Vision and Grasping I: Danica Kragic's group and Charles Kemp's group
Mar 30 Final Project Updates Final Project Updates
Apr 6 Vision and Grasping II: Andrew Ng's group (Mehmet Dogar) Coaching Grasping
Apr 13 Manipulation of Flexible Objects (Ken Toh) NO CLASS (CARNIVAL)
Apr 20 Yamano / Maeno Ultrasonic Motor Hand (Tomoaki Mashimo) Guest lecture on Preparatory Manipulation (Lillian Chang)
  • L. Y. Chang, S. S. Srinivasa, and N. S. Pollard, 2010. Planning pre-grasp manipulation for transport tasks, Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, Anchorage, Alaska, May 2010.
  • L. Y. Chang, R. L. Klatzky, and N. S. Pollard, 2010. Selection criteria for preparatory object rotation in manual lifting actions, Journal of Motor Behavior, 42(1):11--27, 2010.
  • L. Y. Chang, G. J. Zeglin, and N. S. Pollard, 2008. Preparatory object rotation as a human-inspired grasping strategy, IEEE International Conference on Humanoid Robots (Humanoids 2008), December 2008, pp 527--534.
  • L. Y. Chang and N. S. Pollard, 2009. Video survey of pre-grasp interactions in natural hand activities, Robotics: Science and Systems (RSS) 2009 Workshop on Understanding the Human Hand for Advancing Robotic Manipulation, June 2009. (poster)
  • Apr 27 Final Project Presentations Final Project Presentations