15-464 Syllabus for Fall 2005

This is a tentative syllabus. There will be much more reading material posted as the course proceeds. Slides, handouts, and updates will be available through the course web page.

Week of Tue Thu
Aug 30 Course overview / History of animation
  • Reading: Parent Ch1
Forward kinematics: ASF and AMC files
  • Reading: Parent Ch2
Sept 6 Splines and interpolation Euler angles vs. quaternions
Sept 13 Blending curves and shapes: research examples I Blending curves and shapes: research examples II
Sept 20 Inverse kinematics / Controlling character pose More IK
Sept 27 Motion capture intro / lab visit
Meet in mocap lab: WeH 1334
  • Homework #2 DUE (before class)
  • Reading: Parent Ch6.7
Motion editing
Oct 4 Motion style: what is style? NO CLASS Jeffrey Katzenberg, Dreamworks -- 2:30pm McConomy
Oct 11 Physics primer and rigid body simulation
  • Homework #3 DUE (before class)
  • Reading: Parent Ch4.3-4.4 (also see B.6,B.7)
Collision and contact
Oct 18 Cloth simulation Natural phenomena
Oct 25 More natural phenomena Brainstorming for final projects
Nov 1 Motion Textures Dynamic simulation for games and ragdoll physics
Nov 8 Motion control: beyond ragdolls Optimization of motion: What do people optimize?
Nov 15 Class cancelled
Muscles and meshes: filling out the skeleton
Nov 22 AI / planning (Manfred) THANKSGIVING (no class)
Nov 29 Crowds (Manfred) and Facial Animation Animation pipeline / Principles of animation
Dec 6 Perception of motion
Help session for final projects
Dec 12 (Monday) Final Project Presentations 5:30--8:30 (WeH 8427) ---