Assignment 4: Final Project
Due Dates:
Nov 10: Proposal
Dec 12: Final report and presentation
Grade Value: 20%


In this assignment, you will do a project of your choice. As a rough guideline, the project should be related to some aspect of technical animation such as the topics we have discussed in class, or animation related topics that have appeared in SIGGRAPH or the SCA conference. Try to keep it relatively small in scope, however, similar in workload to the first three projects. Some ideas are listed at the end of this web page. In most cases, this will be a programming project, but in a few cases it may be more appropriate to create a written report, for example if you are investigating some aspect of human motion or if you are interested in how people perceive animations. For any topic, please clear it with me through a meeting, discussion, or email BEFORE you begin to write your proposal.



Your proposal should be a written document of approximately 2-5 pages, and should contain the following sections.

Final Project Report

Your final report can be an updated version of the proposal. I would expect a document of approximately 4-10 pages. You should:

Final Project Ideas