15-462 Syllabus for Fall 2004

This is a tentative syllabus. Slides, handouts, and updates will be available through the course web page.

Week of Tue Thu
Aug 31 What is Computer Graphics?
  • Reading: Shirley Ch1
Math for Computer Graphics
Sept 7 Graphics Pipeline and Rasterization
  • Reading: Shirley Ch3
OpenGL and Programming Asst #1
Sept 14 Linear Algebra / Transformations Viewing
  • Reading: Shirley Ch6
Sept 21 Hidden Surface Elimination Shading Models (Mark Tomczak)
Sept 28 Curves and Surfaces and Programming Asst #2 Simulating Rigid Body Physics
Oct 5 Texture Mapping Light
  • Reading: Shirley Ch16
Oct 12 Human Vision and Color Midterm Review
Oct 19 Midterm Exam (in class) Hand back midterm / review solutions
Oct 26 Ray Tracing I (Mark Tomczak) Ray Tracing II
Nov 2 Data Structures for Graphics / Spatial Data Structures
  • Reading: Shirley Ch12, 7.1
Sampling and Antialiasing
  • Blinn articles on aliasing: #1 #2
  • Reading: Shirley Ch14,15
  • Written HW #3 DUE (solutions)
Nov 9 Radiosity Global Illumination
Nov 16 Image-Based Rendering (Hua Zhong) Texture Synthesis
Nov 23 A top-down view of computer graphics algorithms (Bei Yang)
Nonphotorealistic Rendering
Nov 30 Programming Video Games (Steven Osman) Animation I
Dec 7 Animation II Course Review
Dec 16 Final Exam
BH 136A