15-869 Syllabus for Fall 2006

This is a tentative syllabus. Updates will be posted to the course web page.

Week of Mon Wed
Sept 11 Intro / Rig handles for motion representation Rig handles for motion representation

Ting Ting Wu,
Character Rigs for Motion Exaggeration,
Master's Thesis, CMU, 2006

Sept 18 Statistical approaches to representing motion

Ren et al. (paper in preparation for ToG)

Mueller and Roeder,
Motion Templates for Automatic Classification and Retrieval of Motion Capture Data, (paper)
SCA 2006.

Statistical approaches to representing motion

Liu and McMillan,
Segment-Based Human Motion Compression,
SCA 2006.

Okan Arikan,
Compression of Motion Capture Databases,

Sept 25 Responsive Characters

Reitsma and Pollard (paper in preparation for ToG)

Ikemoto, Arikan, and Forsyth,
Quick Motion Transitions with Cached Multi-way Blends,
Berkeley Tech Report 2006.

Note: Alla's defense is Tuesday

Responsive Characters

Alla Safonova thesis (interpolation chapter)

Shin and Oh,
Fat Graphs: Constructing Interactively but Continuously Controllable Characters,
SCA 2006.

Heck and Gleicher,
Parametric Motion Graphs,
SCA poster 2006.

Note: Liu's defense is Thursday

Oct 2 Skeletons from Motion Capture Data

Ehrig et al.,
A survey of formal methods for determining the centre of rotation of ball joints,
J. Biomech. (in press).

Chang and Pollard,
Constrained least-squares optimization for robust estimation of center of rotation,
J. Biomech. (in press).

Camomilla et al.,
An optimized protocol for hip joint centre determination using the functional method,
J. Biomech. 2006.

Skeletons from Motion Capture Data

Chang papers in review and in preparation

Oct 9 Musculoskeletal Models (Pedram Afshar)

Pedram Afshar's thesis

Musculoskeletal Models

Albrecht et al.,
Construction and Animation of Anatomically Based Human Hand Models,
SCA 2003.

Sifakis et al.,
Simulating Speech with a Physics-Based Facial Muscle Model,
SCA 2006.

Oct 16 Intro to Lagrangian dynamics Physically based motion adaptation

Adnan Sulejmanpašić and Jovan Popović,
Adaptation of Performed Ballistic Motion,
ACM Transactions on Graphics. 2005.

Oct 23 Intro to Featherstone dynamics What physics constraints can be computed efficiently?

Anthony C. Fang and Nancy S. Pollard,
Efficient synthesis of physically valid human motion,

Oct 30 Game Physics

Thomas Jakobsen,
Advanced Character Physics,
Game Developer's Conference 2001.

Game Physics

Evangelos Kokkevis,
Practical Physics for Articulated Characters,
Game Developer's Conference 2004.


Chris Twigg thesis proposal
NSH 3305, 9:30am

Priority Based Control of Physical Tasks

Abe and Popovic,
Interactive Animation of Dynamic Manipulation,
SCA 2006.

Nov 13 Multi-Character Spacetime Optimization

Liu, Hertzmann, and Popovic,
Composition of Complex Optimal Multi-Character Motions,
SCA 2006.

Simulation and Control of Deformable Objects

Kondo et al.,
Directable Animation of Elastic Objects,
SCA 2005.

Galoppo et al.,
Fast Simulation of Deformable Bodies in Contact,
SCA 2006.

Nov 27 Optimization and the adjoint method

Treuille et al.,
Fluid Control using the Adjoint Method,

Optimization and the adjoint method

Wojtan et al.,
Control of Complex Particle Systems Using the Adjoint Method,
SCA 2006.

Junggon Kim paper in preparation

Dec 4 Final Projects Final Projects