Game1: Text/Tiles

Sprite sheets, bitmap fonts, and tilesets are all examples of game assets created by packing many textures into one for more efficient drawing. In Game1 you will be writing code to create and make use one or more of these types of assets.

Design (Optional; Due by Noon on Thursday, September 7th)

Spend no more than two hours on this portion of the assignment.

Create a design document for a game that uses sprites, tiles, and/or a bitmap font. The game should be of similar complexity to the default design.

Please refer to the general design document instructions for general information about deliverables and turn-in procedure.

For this design document, the turn-in e-mail address is

Implementation (Due by 8pm on Saturday, September 16th)

Write up a game, starting with a fork of the base1 code, based on any approved design document. Note that the base1 code has been updated to include png loading support (via libpng and a load_save_png.hpp header).

Requirement: the game should use a single texture atlas to store all of its texture data. Think of this in terms of a basic asset pipeline. Begin with easy-to-edit versions of your texture data, transform them into an atlas and easy-to-load metadata with a script, and build a file loader for your game.

Approved Design Documents:

NOTE: "*" == expected difficulty of implementation

Please refer to the general implementation instructions for information about deliverables and turn-in procedure.

Please be aware that there is more to this assignment than just writing code. See the general instructions for information about and screenshots

For this implementation, the turn-in e-mail address is