Design Document Instructions

This document gives a general specification for a game design document, including what to turn in and how to turn it in.


Your design document should be a git repository containing an HTML5 document (named index.html) and any page prerequisites (e.g. images, stylesheets) needed to display that document.


Your design document should contain (approximately in this order):

  1. A title for your game.
  2. Your name.
  3. A 1-2 sentence summary of your game, including the specific interesting thing that makes your game worth playing.
  4. Storyboarded descriptions of the core game elements (which may include: controls, mechanics, setting, plot, characters, art style).

A design document is not a specification -- it can leave some things unsaid -- but it should give a clear idea of how the game works, including goals, controls, and win/loss conditions.

Please use the default design documents as reference.

Turn-in Procedure

E-mail a link to the repository containing your design document to Jim using the link provided in the assignment. Generally, the e-mail address will be, with the proper game number filled in.