15-464 / 15-664 Syllabus for Spring 2015

This is a tentative syllabus. There will be more topics and reading material posted as the course proceeds.

Week of Tues Thurs
Jan 13 Course Overview Introduction to Animation
Jan 20 Final Project Ideas Final Project Ideas 2
Jan 27 Motion Capture Demo
  • Reading: Parent Ch6
Inverse Kinematics
Feb 3 More IK Skinning
Feb 10 Papers Session I MiniProject 1 Demos
  • MiniProject 1 DUE at start of class
Feb 17 Simulation Constraint-Based Simulation
Feb 24 Unified Position Based Simulation Artistic Breaks, Bends, and Wrinkles
Mar 3 Papers Session II and NPR Characters MiniProject 2 Demos
  • MiniProject 2 DUE at start of class
Mar 17 Fluids Basics Final Project Pitches
Mar 24 More Fluids Paper Session III and follow-up
Mar 31 NO CLASS -- Aaron Dollar 1pm GHC 6115
Apr 7 Character Simulation Character Control
Apr 14 Paper Session IV and follow-up
Apr 21 NO CLASS -- Anca Dragan 1pm GHC 6115
Guest lecture: Moshe Mahler (Disney)
Apr 28 Final Project Presentations
Final Project Presentations