Each regular class in the course will be a series of papers on a particular topic presented by one or two students. As presenter, you will be expected to have read all papers listed for the day (including any available code), present them, and lead a discussion. Discuss with Abhinav 2 weeks before the presentation and then again 5 days before the presentation.

Paper Critic

Each regular class in the course will also have one or two designated "critics." As a critic, your job is to read the chosen paper and review it: list strengths and weaknesses, and start the discussion on the blog. You will post your review on the blog (24hrs before the class) and then raise points from your review during discussion.

Summaries & Blog

For each regular class, you are required to make at least one post on the blog. For the blog, don't just summarize the paper; point out something others might have missed, give a critique, or respond to someone else's post. You can miss upto three blog postings in a semester.


The assignment is out Here and due at Mar 18th 11:59PM. In this assignment, you will practice how to use the Caffe toolbox for a food classification task. To be specific, you are asked to do the following:

  • Install Caffe toolbox;
  • Understand the image classification task;
  • Obtain pre-trained models and fine-tune it on a new classification task, namely food recognition;
  • Visualize the low-level filters;
  • Try different set-ups to improve the performance;
  • Implement a new layer in Caffe, namely parameterized ReLU layer;
  • (Extra) Experiment/Research with the new layer.


An opportunity to work on that crazy idea that your advisor won't let you work on! A good project should:

  • Be Crazy (the more different it sounds, the better). Note that your project does not have to "work" in order to get a good grade.
  • Require a significant amount of work/code (remember this is a 12-unit class...)
  • Have a polished report/presentation, the sort that you would be willing to publish/present at a conference.
  • Timeline:
    • Feb 11th, 11:59PM: One page Project Proposal Due
    • Mar 25th, 5:00-6:00PM: Mid-term Presentations
    • May 6th, 5:00-8:00PM: Final Project Presentations