Publications Format

by Christopher Twigg

Publications for these scripts are stored in an extended BiBTeX format. Automated scripts parse out the author, title, and associated information. In order to fully fill out the abstract, you may wish to include a few of the extra fields listed below.

Sample entry

  author = "John Q. Public and Jane Smith",
  title = "P = NP: an empirical evaluation",
  year = "2003",
  month = jul,
  journal = "Journal on Applied Psychokinetics",
  volume = "22",
  number = "3",
  pages = "879--887",
  abstract = "We present an approach for[...]",
  image = "",
  iconImage = "",
  links = ";",
  sidebarText = {{<a href="">This project</a> has results[...]}}

Extra fields

Should be pretty self-explanatory. This just includes the full abstract of the paper. Note that unlike the other BiBTeX entries, this one should be HTML formatted for as-is inclusion in the file.
This is a link to an (optional) image which floats to the left of the abstract description. Please make this image reasonably-sized, since the page is already fairly large (200x200 is a pretty reasonable upper bound). The best place to put the actual image is in your project space somewhere; it will automatically get copied to a central location for display.
Link to the image that should appear as an icon in the publications page. This can be any size as it will be automatically resized down to the proper size in the proper fashion. If this is not specified, the abstracts page image (above) will be used, so it only really needs to be specified in the case that the abstracts image is of an especially odd aspect ratio or doesn't look good at the smaller size.
The text that will appear in the sidebar of the homepage. It should be HTML-formatted, but without any enclosing <p> tags. It is enclosed in the double braces ({{, }}) because the bibtex format requires this; otherwise strange things will happen to the enclosed HTML. Examples of what to write can be found here.
Image to appear in the sidebar. It will be automatically resized to fit in the sidebar. Like iconImage, the script defaults to using the abstracts page image, so it is only necessary to specify a separate image if you want to override this behavior.
Other links that are relevant, separated by semicolons (;). In particular, you may wish to include:
  • a link to the paper in PDF format
  • a link to the paper in PostScript format
  • a link to the paper's associated video
  • a link to the project page which has additional results
Note that the scripts automatically take care of checking the content type and size of the associated file, to ensure uniformity across the entire site. Update: Recently the lab decided to only link to the project page if that is specified to force people to visit the project pages, so if you notice that all your links aren't getting included in the abstracts list, this is a feature and not a bug.