Analyzing the Physical Correctness
of Interpolated Human Motion
(SCA, 2005 )

A. Safonova and  J. K. Hodgins

Two human motions can be linearly interpolated to produce a new motion, giving the animator control over the length of a jump, the speed of walking, or the height of a kick. Over the past ten years, this simple technique has been shown to produce surprisingly natural looking results. In this paper, we analyze the motions produced by this technique for physical correctness and suggest small modifications to the standard interpolation technique that in some circumstances will produce significantly more natural looking motion.

Alla Safonova and Jessica K. Hodgins, "Analyzing the physical correctness of interpolated human motion",  ACM Siggraph/Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation ( SCA '05),  171-180, August, 2005

paper (pdf)
movie (36 MB)

Supported in part by the NSF under Grant IIS-0205224 and IIS-0326322