15-869: Special Topics in Character Animation

Spring 2009
MW 3:00-4:20pm
4615A Wean Hall

Instructor: Nancy Pollard

Course Description

This course will explore topics in physically based character animation, where the goal is to obtain a character performance that appears both natural and physically plausible. We will look at statistical and data-driven approaches to representing motion, as well as approaches based on optimization. In addition to computer graphics literature, we will explore related topics in biomechanics and human motor control. The course should be appropriate for graduate students with some computer graphics and / or robotics experience and for advanced undergraduates

Prerequisites: Permission of the instructor

Text: A syllabus with papers and topics is here.

Some Resources:

Grading: Grading will depend on contributions to class presentations and discussion and on results and presentation of a final project. The grade will roughly break down as follows: