15-869 Syllabus for Spring 2009

This is a tentative syllabus. Updates will be posted to the course web page.

Week of Mon Wed
Jan 12 Intro / Motion Capture Lab Demo Motion Capture (Ronit Slyper)

Ronit Slyper and Jessica Hodgins. Action capture with Accelerometers. In 2008 ACM SIGGRAPH / Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation, July 2008


Motion Capture

Seth Cooper, Aaron Hertzmann, and Zoran Popovic, Active Learning for Real-Time Motion Controllers SIGGRAPH 2007.

Jan 26 Motion Editing (Jinghao Fei)

Patrick Coleman, Jacobo Bibliowicz, Karan Singh and Michael Gleicher, Staggered Poses: A Character Motion Representation for Detail-Preserving Editing of Pose and Coordinated Timing. SCA 2008.

Motion Editing

Anna Majkowska and Petros Faloutsos, Flipping with Physics: Motion Editing for Acrobatics. SCA 2007.

Feb 2 Motion Graphs

Philippe Beaudoin, Michiel van de Panne, Pierre Poulin and Stelian Coros, Motion-Motif Graphs, Symposium on Computer Animation (SCA) 2008.

Motion Graphs

Liming Zhao and Alla Safonova, Achieving Good Connectivity in Motion Graphs, SCA 2008.

Feb 9 Real-time Character Control

Wanyen Lo and Matthias Zwicker, Real-Time Planning for Parameterized Human Motion. SCA 2008.

Real-time Character Control (Grant Watters)

Stelian Coros, KangKang Yin, Philippe Beaudoin and Michiel van de Panne. Synthesis of Constrained Walking Skills ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH Asia 2008).

Feb 16 Animator Tools

Michael Kass, John Anderson, Animating Oscillatory Motion With Overlap: Wiggly Splines SIGGRAPH 2008.

Evaluation (K. K. Ong)

Thierry Chaminade, Jessica Hodgins, and Mitsuo Kawato, Anthropomorphism influences perception of computer-animated characters' actions. Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, May 2007.

Feb 23 Animator Tools (Luis Bermudez)

Chris Hecker, Bernd Raabe, Ryan W. Enslow, John DeWeese, Jordan Maynard, Kees van Prooijen, Real-Time Motion Retargeting to Highly Varied User-Created Morphologies. SIGGRAPH 2008.

Two-Character Interaction (Octavio Juarez-Espinosa)

Hubert Shum, Taku Komura, Masashi Shiraishi, and Shuntaro Yamazaki, Interaction Patches for Multi-Character Animation. SIGGRAPH Asia 2008.

Mar 2 Animator Tools (K. K. Ong)

Michael Neff, Irene Albrecht, Hans-Peter Seidel, Layered Performance Animation with Correlation Maps, Eurographics 2007.

Reach and Grasp Planning (Lillian Chang)

Lillian Y. Chang, Garth J. Zeglin, and Nancy S. Pollard, Preparatory object rotation as a human-inspired grasping strategy. IEEE International Conference on Humanoid Robots (Humanoids08), December, 2008.

Mar 16 Reach and Grasp Planning (Dmitry Berenson)

Dmitry Berenson and Siddhartha Srinivasa, Grasp Synthesis in Cluttered Environments for Dexterous Hands, IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots (Humanoids08), December, 2008.


Mar 23 Two-Character Interaction (Octavio Juarez-Espinosa)

Taesoo Kwon, Young-Sang Cho, Sang Il Park, and Sung Yong Shin, Two-Character Motion Analysis and Synthesis. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 14(3), 707-720, 2008.

Laughing (Frank Palermo)

Paul C. DiLorenzo, Victor B. Zordan, Benjamin L. Sanders, Laughing out loud: control for modeling anatomically inspired laughter using audio, SIGGRAPH ASIA 2008.

Mar 30 Dynamic Simulation (Luis Bermudez)

Marco da Silva, Yeuhi Abe, Jovan Popovic, Interactive Simulation of Stylized Human Locomotion, ACM Transactions on Graphics 27(3), 2008, pages 82:1-82:10.

Dynamic Simulation

Marco da Silva, Yeuhi Abe, Jovan Popovic, Simulation of Human Motion Data using Short-Horizon Model-Predictive Control, Computer Graphics Forum, 27(2), 2008, pages 371-380.

Apr 6 Dynamic Response

Yeuhi Abe, Marco da Silva, and Jovan Popovic, Multiobjective Control with Frictional Contacts, SCA 2007.

Dynamic Response

Yuting Ye, C. Karen Liu, Animating responsive characters with dynamic constraints in near-unactuated coordinates, SIGGRAPH ASIA 2008.

Apr 13 TBA

Guest Lecture (Takaaki Shiratori)

Takaaki Shiratori and Jessica K. Hodgins, Accelerometer-based User Interfaces for the Control of a Physically Simulated Character. SIGGRAPH Asia 2008.

Apr 20 Guest Lecture (Junggon Kim)

Crowds (Frank Palermo)

Jehee Lee, Kang Hoon Lee, Myung Geol Choi, and Qyoun Hong, Group Behavior from Video: A Data-Driven Approach to Crowd Simulation, SCA 2007.

Apr 27 Crowds (Grant Watters)

Alon Lerner, Yiorgos Chrysanthou, Dani Lischinski, Crowds by Example, Eurographics 2007.