Assignment 2: Inverse Kinematics
Due Date: Feb 15
Grade Value: 20%


Your assignment is to implement two ways of doing inverse kinematics for an articulated character and create a demonstration that clearly shows the differences between the two techniques.


Hand in :

Source Code:
Once again, you may use any implementation you like. If you choose to work with the ASF/AMC file format and the data in the motion capture database, the following figure shows the skeleton hierarchy. For example, you could choose to use IK to move the hand from one place to another, moving only the wrist, elbow, and shoulder joints.

For this project, you will need to find some way of inverting a matrix. There are various sources of code online, both for matrix inversion and SVD, which can be used for safe matrix inversion as discussed in class. If you are using C++, you may make use of the safe matrix inversion code in this directory: /afs/
Note that you will need all of the files in this directory in order to compile and use the matrix class.

Extra Credit:

Here are some ideas for extra credit.
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