Indelible is a story about the journey of a young girl through life. The scene begins in the real world in a darkened artist's studio and zooms in on a drawing board. Here we see a picture created with small pieces of paper, and the 2D paper animation begins . At a young age, the girl shows an affinity for creating artwork however her parents and experiences at school push her to "be successful". As an obedient child, she pursues this track by studying and working hard at her schoolwork, college career, and as she grows up, her job. One evening after work, she notices an urban playground and is drawn to it by memories of her childhood. Upon reaching the swingset, she begins to slowly draw in the sand. The drawing reunites her with her long forgotten creative passion whereupon she makes a life decision and decides to pursue her dreams of becoming an artist. As we leave the 2D paper animation, we see the artist place another piece of paper on the final scene. We zoom out, revealing that the artifacts in the studio match those given to and earned by the girl over her lifetime. We see her now as a grown woman, an artist creating a piece about her life.