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15-463: Computational Photography

vertigo movie frame 1 vertigo movie frame 2
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The Vertigo Shot
Due Date: 11:59pm on Tuesday, September 2, 2008


In this assignment, you'll be duplicating a famous in-camera effect: the dolly zoom. This camera movement is also known as the "Vertigo shot", referencing a famous scene (pictured above) in Hitchcock's Vertigo. More examples of the effect are shown in this Youtube video.

To duplicate this effect, you'll need a camera with a real zoom lens ('digital zoom' will make your pictures look terrible). Pick a subject for your dolly zoom and then take a series of photographs, changing the FOV as you change distance to the subject.

Bells & Whistles (Extra Credit)

The following (optional) exercises can net you some bonus points:


Since this effect is created entirely in the camera, you won't need to write any code for this assignment. However, you will need to create a web page to showcase your results. Please, nothing flash-y or complicated -- simple html should suffice. This assignment will be graded out of 100 points. Grad students can earn up to 90 points from the basic assignment, and should do at least 10 points of bells & whistles (above). This web page should include:

Place the web page and accompanying images in your proj0/www folder as described in the submission instructions.

Additional Deliverable: Login To A WeH5336 Lab Computer

Please take the time to make sure you can log in to a WeH5336 computer. Instructions are on the submission instructions page.