How to submit assignments for 15-463.

For each assignment, we created two directories for every student in the class:

Place your project report in the www directory. Make sure that your main report page is called index.html so browsers open it automatically. You may test the page by visiting
This directory is publicly accessible, so please don't place any sensitive material (Like Code!) here.

Place all source code used to generate your results, as well as any documentation required to use the code, in the code directory.

Remember: it always pays to check early that you have no problems creating and deleting files in the submission directories.


While you're worrying about submitting your assignment, let me mention something that might make that looming deadline seem a little more distant:


Lots of moderately fast machines with Matlab, local storage, and a few gigs of memory.
Reserved especially for a select few graphics courses and, thus, hardly ever busy.
Availible day and night in person or via SSH to (where N ranges from a to somewhere around z).

And, honestly, there's no reason not to set your andrew account up so you can use it right now. Here's how:

  1. SSH to
  2. Run /afs/ to create a 5336 in your andrew home directory containing all the necessary files.
  3. Journey (or ssh) to WeH5336 to see if you can log in. Your username will be username@ANDREW.CMU.EDU.
  4. Contact Santosh if there are problems