'Organic' Scene
This scene exhibits significant sub-surface scattering due to the presence of a variety of organic materials: peppers, two pumpkins, the green plant, some marbles and eggs and a flower-pot, in this depth order. Additionally, there are inter-reflections between the eggs and between the peppers. Click on images for high-resolution versions.
Depth Recovery under Global Illumination

Direct-Global Separation under Illumination Defocus

Direct Component
Global Component
Depth Map using multiple focal planes (Section 5.1).
Depth Map using two focal planes (Section 5.2).
Depth Map using single focal plane [23]. Depths are over-estimated due to sub-surface scattering (peppers) and inter-reflections (between the eggs).
Separation using multiple focal planes (Section 6.1).
Separation using a single focal plane and depth map of the scene (Section 6.2).
Direct Component
Global Component
Separation using a single focal plane [15]: Different separations are produced as the projector focal plane is moved from front to the back of the scene. For each focal plane position, the computed separation is incorrect at scene points which are distant from the focal plane (Click image to play video).