Scene with Complex BRDFs, textures and geometry
Here we demonstrate the validity of our techniques on a scene with complex BRDFs, textures and geometry. This scene consists of objects with highly specular (metal) and anisotropic (velvet) BRDFs. There are objects with complex textures as well as objects with no texture. In addition, the metal ball has a complex shape with a significant amount of occlusions and the fur teddy-bear has fine geometric structure. There is global illumination in the fur and reflections from the shiny table-top. Click on images for high-resolution versions.
Depth Recovery
Direct-Global Separation under Illumination Defocus

Direct Component
Global Component
Depth Map using multiple focal planes (Section 5.1). Our techniques are robust to complex BRDF's, (lack of) textures and complex geometries. Correct depth maps are computed even in the presence of severe occlusions and depth discontinuities (metal ball).
Depth Map using two focal planes (Section 5.2).
Depth Map using single focal plane [23]. Incorrect depth-map due to reflections from the shiny table-top. Notice the abrupt transition near the base of the red-cylinder and the base of the sea-shells. In contrast, notice the correct smooth transition in the depth maps computed using our techniques.
Separation using multiple focal planes (Section 6.1).