15-869 B Administrative Information for Spring 2014

Grading Information

Grading for the class will be as follows:

Notes for the Paper Presentation

This section has just a few notes on what I am expecting for your paper presentations.

You will have 30 to 40 minutes to present your paper. Aim to fall within this timeframe including discussion and questions (which you should encourage). Thirty to forty minutes is a lot of time. It is significantly more time than the authors had to present their papers at whatever conference they may have appeared. You have time to develop some amount of technical detail. However, you probably cannot cover all of the detail in the paper, so you have to make some careful choices about what to talk about and what not to talk about. If you are unsure about how much detail you can hope to cover, first devise a tentative plan and then come talk to me.

I expect your talk to go generally like this. Depending on the topic of the paper, the approach of the authors, and your own personal style, you will probably have to adapt my guideline below. In particular, I've put some possible timing information just as a rough guideline, but this will vary a lot from paper to paper and presentation to presentation.


The SIMBICON project

The SMARTBODY system

The DANCE software system

To my knowledge, all three of these projects use the Open Dynamics Engine

Another simulator that we have been using recently is Bullet.

There are a number of other academic based simulation engines you can play with, including RTQL8 developed by Karen Liu's team at Georgia Tech, MuJoCo, developed by Emanuel Todorov's group at the University of Washington, and Klamp't, develped by Kris Hauser at Indiana University. More are showing up all the time, so you may find yet another system that looks promising!

The CMU motion capture database is a good source for motion capture data

The software tools on the CMU website may be useful for viewing motion capture data and making kinematic edits, but do not have an integrated physics engine. Doing so would be a substantial project.