15465 AFS setup

Laura Trutoiu * Spring 2012
Instructions on how to connect using AFS-SFTP:
Individual user space
- Open AFS-SFTP from the desktop shortcut. Alternatively, click on the lower right corner where the Windows icon is shown and go to Programs-> SSH Tectia client.

- In the AFS-SFTP interface go to Window->New Terminal and enter :
aklog cs.cmu.edu

-In right hand side address bar enter:
please replace yourusername with your andrew id

- You can now save your maya models for later acccess in /afs/cs.cmu.edu/academic/class/15465-s12-users/yourusername .

Turning in assignments
Follow the same procedure as above but in the right hand side address bar enter:

15465 Art Server accounts

There is an account set up on the art server for project storage in addition to the class afs space to access it from a PC select "run" in the windows menu at the bottom left of the screen and type in:

a login box will appear
login: 60414aS12
Use the password you received by email (or check the blackboard)
Go to the shared volume for the class, for the first assignments create a folder under "Documents" in your name. Once the projects are underway create a folder for the project . All the material needs to be under "Documents".

This message is also posted under "Assignments" on the class Blackboard page.