for 15-869K, March 20th, 2020

Weaving is interlacing narrow material to form larger sheets.

Plain, Flat, Two-Axis Weave, with basic strips/yarns

Looms Help You Weave

Warp Management

Shed Formation

Weft Insertion/Control

Looms come in many flavors

Potholder Loom
(any pattern, slow manual shedding)

An Inkle Loom
(plain weave, fast manual shedding)

A Jacquard Loom
(any pattern, cnc shedding)

You don't need a loom to experiment with weaving.

  1. Find some strips or yarns.
  2. Interlace them in an interesting way.
What "degrees of freedom" do you have?

Degree of Freedom: Interlacing

Plain Weave

2/2 Twill


Degree of Freedom: Material




Degree of Freedom: Shape

More Degrees of Freedom

Triaxial Weave (tricky!)

Out-of-plane Weaving