TR 3:00pm-4:20pm EDSH (Smith Hall) 236

Yaser Sheikh (coordinator) Stelian Coros Keenan Crane Kayvon Fatahalian Jessica Hodgins Burak Kara Srinivas Narasimhan Nancy Pollard

BREAKING NEWS: Provide feedback to the debate teams!

This seminar course introduces the frontiers of computer graphics research. The goal is to encourage the ability to think critically and constructively about active research topics.

The course lectures are divided into three categories:

1. "How to..." Talks

"How to give a talk" by Kayvon
"How to read a paper" by Yaser
"How to write a paper" by Jessica
"How to pitch a project" by Nancy

2. Paper Debates
Each paper will be assigned to two teams of two, debating the statement:

This paper makes a lasting impact on computer graphics

The affirmative team will build the case for the contributions of the paper and justify its limitations. The improvement team will constructively challenge the contributions and highlight the failures and limitations of the paper.

The debate will be 40 minute long:
15 minutes opening statement of contributions (affirmative team)
5 minutes of opposition questioning (improvement team)
10 minutes of limitations statement (improvement team) 
5 minutes of opposition questioning (affirmative team)
5+ minutes of audience questions

During the debate, the participants will be expected to cover the SIGGRAPH review questions, with useful reviewer instructions here.

3. Paper Pitches

Each student will submit a written pitch of a project in the SIGGRAPH format. This pitch will be an idea that you are excited about pursuing for SIGGRAPH; preliminary results are encouraged but not required. Each student will present a pitch to the class followed by discussion of the idea in the class. All students will enter a SIGGRAPH style review of the paper pitch as feedback for the student.


  Date Lecture Instructor(s) Topic 1 Topic 2 Notes  
Lecture 1 Sep-8 Faculty Debate Yaser Dyna: A Model...
Introduction Contributions (Yaser and Kayvon): [pdf]  
Yaser (C), Kayvon (Q)
Stelian (Q), Keenan (L)
Lecture 2 Sep-10 "How to" Talks Kayvon, Yaser How to give a talk (Kayvon)
How to read a paper (Yaser)

Contributions Template [zip]
Limitations Template: [zip]

Lecture 3 Sep-15 Performance Capture Yaser     [ pdf ]  
Lecture 4 Sep-17 Paper Debates Yaser High Quality Passive... Facial Performance ... Advisor: Sehoon Ha
Advisor: Binh Le
Shengze (C), Nick (Q)
Alex (L), Genesis (Q)
Ruta (C), Zachary (Q)
Aayush (L), Maria (Q)
Lecture 5 Sep-22 What is a System? Kayvon        
Lecture 6 Sep-24 Paper Debates Kayvon Decoupling algorithms... Simit: A Language...  
Alex (C), Aayush (Q)
Nico (L), Ravi (Q)
Ravi (C), Shengze (Q)
Evan (L), Nico (Q)
Lecture 7 Sep-29 Animating Hands Nancy     [ pdf ]  
Lecture 8 Oct-1 Paper Debates Nancy Physically Based ... Biomech. Simulation ...    
Se-Joon (C), Evan (Q)
Erva (L), Chris (Q)
Chris (C), Maria (Q)
Zachary (L), Se-Joon (Q)
Lecture 9 Oct-6 3D Geometry Proc. Keenan     [ pdf ]  
Lecture 10 Oct-8 Paper Debates Keenan Surface Simplification... Poisson Surface...    
Zachary (C), Ravi (Q)
Chris (L), Shengze (Q)
Nick (C), Alex (Q)
Genesis (L), Zachary (Q)
Lecture 11 Oct-13 Light Transport Srinivas        
Lecture 12 Oct-15 Paper Debates Srinivas Fast Separation... A Dual Theory of...    
Nico (C), James (Q)
Ravi (L), Supreeth (Q)
Evan (C), Chris (Q)
Shengze (L), Aayush (Q)
Lecture 13 Oct-20 3D Shape Modeling Burak     [ pdf ]  
Lecture 14 Oct-22 Paper Debates Burak ...Shape Synthesis ...Shape Galleries    
Aayush (C), Se-Joon (Q)
James (L), Nick (Q)
Genesis (C), Erva (Q)
Maria (L), Nurcan (Q)
Lecture 15 Oct-27 Simulating Humans Jessica        
Lecture 16 Oct-29 Paper Debates Jessica ...Physics-based locomotion ...Biologically-based Actuators    
Maria (C), Nico (Q)
Nick (L), Alex (Q)
Nurcan (C), Sehoon (Q)
Se-Joon (L), Evan (Q)
Lecture 17 Nov-3 3D Printing Stelian     [ pdf ]  
Lecture 18 Nov-5 Paper Debates Stelian Elastic Structure... ...Offset Structures Project Advisors assigned  
James (C), Nurcan (Q)
Ruta (L), Erva (Q)
Erva (C), Genesis (Q)
Nurcan (L), James (Q)
Lecture 19 Nov-10 "How To" Talks Jessica, Nancy How to pitch a project How to write a paper Hodgins on Grammar
Raibert on Good Writing
Lecture 20 Nov-12 No Class          
Paper Pitches            
Lecture 21 Nov-17 No Class          
Lecture 22 Nov-19 No Class          
Lecture 23 Nov-24 No Class          
Lecture 24 Nov-26 Thanksgiving          
Lecture 25 Dec-1 Senior Project Pitches Knitting: Vidya
Skinning: Binh
Control: Libin
Papers due (for everyone)  
Lecture 26 Dec-3 No Class          
Lecture 27 Dec-8 Senior Project Pitches Quilt: Chenxi
Skeleton Deformation: Binh
Humanoid: Sehoon
Lecture 28 Dec-10 No Class          
Symposium Dec-11 Project Pitches       Schedule TBA