Algorithmic Textiles Design: Knitting Project

In this project, you will write code to do something with the knitout language. For example, you might create a purpose-built script to make a specific complicated pattern; a tool to generate a particular class of patterns; a script to turn knitout into simulatable yarns; or something that translates hand knitting instructions to/from knitout.

Particularly interesting ideas that have nothing to do with knitout are also permitted with instructor permission.

The Engineering Part

Write code to create, visualize, or otherwise do something interesting with knitout.

You will need github access to our knitout-backend-swg repository; make sure to ask the instructor if you do not yet have access.

You may bring designs to the textiles lab for knitting during course work times or office hours (see main page). Expect to need revisions to your first design -- don't wait until the last work time.

You may find the following repositories useful:

The Artful Part

Consider what concept or idea you wish to convey with your generated knitting pattern or artifact. Even tools can be artful in what they encourage or discourage. Remember that you have some freedom in materials as well as in user interactions.

What To Turn In