Algorithmic Textiles Design: Algorithms and Fabrication (notes)

Where does code come into play in fabrication? Well, there are probably lots of taxonomies out there, but for the purposes of discussion in this class we will divide this space into two areas: "Engineering" code and "Artful" code.

I want to highlight this division because we are going to be writing both sorts of code in the class -- possibly inside the same project -- and when we talk to each-other about the code we are making we need to be aware of this difference, because it will influence the kind of feedback we give each-other.

We can come up with further sub-categories within these larger sets, and fill them with some examples -- again, not an exhaustive or exclusive categorization, but a useful way to guide our thinking and ideation:

As the class progresses, we'll be referring back to this taxonomy to try and make sense of the code we're considering. We might even come back and try to add real examples to each category.