Just having your game nicely packaged is not enough. You'll also want to make yourself a web page for the game, and one good section to have in your web page is a press kit. This is a simple page which lists -- in easy-to-access fashion -- all of the things a reporter interested in writing about your game might want to know.

Some examples:

Your goal here is to make it so that a lazy reporter can make a decent article about your game.


Minimally, your press kit should have:

If your game won any awards, definitely add those to the list as well. If you have a unique story to tell about the game, try to work that in. If the game has any good existing press coverage, add that.


You will get lots of key requests for your game. Many of these requests are scams -- people who want you to give them keys so they can resell them on the secondary market.

The most common scam will be someone pretending to be a popular youtube channel or steam user group or game web page and promising coverage for keys. The way you avoid and pre-empt this is the same way you avoid IRS cons or credit card schemes: treat all information in the e-mail as untrusted, and only use information available to you from the popular channel, user group, or web page to "reply" to the message.

(Though, really, most requests will not pass a basic sniff test. E.g., '' is almost certainly not the e-mail address of Vox Media's entertainment page.)