Game4: Walking Simulator

Game4 builds on Scene by adding collision handling.

Your goal is to start with a fork of the game4 base code and develop a new game which involves navigating a solid Scene.

I say "navigate" rather than "walk" since games that allow the player's avatar to bounce, jump, warp, fly, swim, or otherwise move are all okay, as long as they can't move through solid objects. You are welcome to use a walkmesh-style "valid manifold" approach to collisions, or a more direct "check and resolve" approach. What is important is that the world feels solid to the player.

Remember that our Resources section has links to places to get various 3D assets. If you include assets that you did not create, be sure that this use is compatible with the license of the assets, and record where you got them in your

What You Need To Do

(More on game scoring.)

How To Do It

Design Roll Call

We have design roll call to make sure you are thinking about what you are going to code up. Your roll-call design is non-binding -- the game you turn in does not need to match it. Remember that one way to get out of the box is to go below the bottom of the barrel.


NOTE: the class will be working together to create a few basic collision primitives; so if you pull the base code early be ready to merge some changes from upstream.

For this assignment you should first get the base code working on your system, and then modify it to implement your new game. More detailed steps:

  1. Fork the base4 code as a starting point. The file highlights changes since the last base code and explains how to set up your development environment.
  2. Modify the code to implement your game and asset pipeline.
  3. Fill in the missing sections in to document your project; replace screenshot.png with a screenshot of your game.
  4. Place a checkout of your game repository into your AFS turn-in folder at /afs/