You've created a number of weekly games, so I think it's time that we talk about them. Specifically, we'll spend about five minutes talking about each game -- the first minute will be a brief introduction and demo by the author and the other minutes will consist of constructive feedback from the class.

In the case of a group game, those interested in talking about the game should group their names on the wiki and prepare non-overlapping one-minute introductions.


You'll be graded out of 4 points, based on your initial self-evaluation, (graceful) handling of feedback, and generation of constructive critisism.


By Friday (9/25) at Midnight: Select a game to talk about, and link it on this wiki page.

By class time on Tuesday (9/29): Play the games your classmates have selected, and be ready to offer constructive feedback. Also be ready to present your game (a one-minute demo -- keep it short, practice it).