Refined Pitch

The goal of a refined pitch will be to elaborate on an elevator pitch, focusing both on vision and practicality. Touch on:

The goal of this pitch is to begin to nail down specifics of your final game and convince more people to sign on. Feel free to reboot, rejigger, and generally adjust the concept you are working on during this pitch cycle. Nothing is set in stone.

You will have five minutes (strictly enforced) to present, followed by four minutes of questions. Five minutes isn't very much time. You will need to practice.


Provide slides formatted as 1024x768 PNG images. Place them in AFS:


Slides will be availablile to you sort()'d by filename. If you want your slides in a specific order, I suggest prefixing them with numbers:



We will be using the same quick hack to do presentations (with modified timing values). It displays a count-down timer in the lower right and allows you to navigate your slides forward and back.