Weekly Game: Viewpoint

This week's game will require you to dredge up a bit of knowledge from that Graphics pre-requisite you've taken. You must create a game where the player is primarily concerned with manipulating one or more viewpoints (e.g. cameras) in a 3d world.

As reference, photography games would fit the requirements (save for originality). But there are certainly other ideas out there to explore. I'm interested in what happens when you have several viewpoints to manipulate, for instance.

You may use any programming language or support library you desire, as long as the final product builds and works on the weh5336 machines. If you want to use quaternions to represent or tween camera orientations, there's a helpful 'Quatf' class in nest/Vector/Quat.hpp . (Notice also QuatGL.hpp for actually making a rotation matrix from a quaternion.)


Please see the page on weekly games for information about how to write an artist's statement and where to turn in your completed game, as well as the standard grading scale. This week only, and for no reason in particular, anyone including a haiku in their artist's statement will receive a small reward.