Elevator Pitch

The goal of your elevator pitch will be to quickly share your vision for a final game with the rest of the class. Everyone in the class will vote for three games they would like to work on and three pitches they would definitely not be interested in working on.

Focus on what makes your game idea really cool -- and why you can build that with a small team in a short time.

You will have sixty seconds (strictly enforced) to present. Sixty seconds isn't very much time. You will need to practice.


You must provide a 1024x768 PNG image to be shown during your pitch. Place this image in AFS:


At your option you many add extra images to this folder. Images will be available in case-sensitive sorted order during your presentation, with the first being used as the representative image. I reccommend prefixing them with numbers avoid confusion:


(Mind you, seven slides is probably too much unless they don't have any text on them.)


We will be using a quick hack I wrote up to do presentations. It displays a count-down timer in the lower right and allows you to navigate your slides forward and back.