Your group should produce a demo, which is a completed segment of your final game. The demo should show all aspects of the game working together, and should be indicative of the completed gameplay.

This will be a hands-on crit, in a computer lab (with WeH5336-spec machines). Groups need to place a tarball of the compiled demo on AFS. The tarball should be created as follows:

tar cvfz name_of_game_folder.tar.gz name_of_game_folder
cp name_of_game_folder.tar.gz /afs/

Come time for the crit, we will unpack into /tmp and run it:

cd /tmp
tar xvfz /afs/path/to/tarball/name_of_game_folder.tar.gz
cd name_of_game_folder

Please take some time to set up the tarball so this process is quick and easy.

Each group will introduce their demo for (at most) 3 minutes, after which we will play the demo for 17 minutes, asking questions and commenting on the mechanics and gameplay feel.