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Programming Project #4

15-463: Computational Photography





Due Date: by 11:59pm, Sun, Nov 13


The goal of this project is to create a system for automatically stitching images into a mosaic.  A secondary goal is to learn how to read and implement a research paper.   The project will consist of the following steps:

  1. Detecting corner features in an image
  2. Extracting a Feature Descriptor for each feature point
  3. Matching these feature descriptors between two images
  4. Use a robust method (RANSAC) to compute a homography
  5. Proceed as in Project 3 to produce a mosaic


For steps 1-3, we will follow the paper “Multi-Image Matching using Multi-Scale Oriented Patches” by Brown et al. but with several simplifications. Read the paper first and make sure you understand it.  Then implement the algorithm:


For step 4, use 4-point RANSAC as described in class to compute a robust homography estimate.



Submit Your Results


You will need to submit all your code.  Show results of the different steps of your algorithm: the interest points detected, the various outlier rejection passes, and the final mosaic.  Try to apply this automatic method to your (or your classmates) mosaic images from the previous project.



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