15-463 Lab4 - triangulation matting

Ting Ting Wu

Here are my two backgrounds

Here are my two images with the Brita pitcher

Using the triangulation matting method, I got this.

I used the dilate and erode method to filter out some of the noise and got these results by playing with the thresholding and the filter size.

Bigger filter gets rid of a little bit more noise, but also removes some information we still need.

Changing threshold helped make it a little better.

But I was never able to completely remove the table.

Now we composited it with a waterfall. Like they do in most Brita commericals.

The pitcher looks faint, and I realized that that was because I took all the pictures in very dim light. I was originally trying to minimize the reflections on the pitcher, but now I see that dim light makes my object look too ghostlike after the matting process.