Suporn Pongnumkul's homework 4

I'm doing High Dynamic Range for this homework. (I wantted to do the flash/no flash, but it didn't work very well, so I changed to HDR). I took images from my bedroom. Since I didn't want to do the work on image registration, I needed to be very careful when I took the images. I didn't have a remote-controled camera, so I found it very hard to kepp the camera still, even on a tripod. One trick that works well for me was to use the camera timing, so that the force that i pushed the shutter won't make the camera move.
The images I used (resized ones for the web) can be found here This is the responsed curve:

Here is the image that cut off all the values above 255:

Here is the image that use linear scale of all values:

Here is the image that use Reinhart's global operator:

Suporn Pongnumkul
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