Suporn Pongnumkul's HW3 15463: Face Morphing and Warping


This is a really fun assignment. :) It's amusing to see funny faces of myself and people. ;) I implement the Beier-Neely algorithm to warp my face into Matt's face. I plot a bunch of lines to get a quality result. Here are the lines:

Here is the result:

Here is the link to individual images.
The difficult part of this is because of the original pictures. My picture is out of focus and have colorful backbround, so the morphing is not so neat. Also, I was smiling while, Matt had his lips closed, so the transition isn't perfect. The hair is also another difficult part.


I took the average female face from and computed the caricature of my face. Here are her and me:

And here is the result of warping factor = 1.5.
OH MY GOD, I look so scary!!!!! ....... oh, well I can be worse. ---> here

Average Faces of our class:

Here are some samples of how I select the features:
Due to computational time, I only drew 16 lines on each image, and compute the averages at half-size. Here are the Results
Average Female:

Average Male:


Here is the link to the website I posted yesterday (Nov 11, 2004). link
Suporn Pongnumkul
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