Assignment 3: Face Morphing

Miklos Bergou


I implemented face morphing using the Beier-Neely algorithm, with parameter values of p=0.2, a=0.01, and b=2.  I selected feature lines on both faces, then these lines were interpolated over 60 frames and blended together using both reference images.  The morphed faces look a little strange, which is probably due to the fact that there were not enough feature lines (I used about 15 total lines on each face).  However, even with this number, generating 60 frames took many hours, so adding more lines would make it even slower.  Here are some frames that have been selected.



After this, I took the average male face from a website, and then morphed it to my face, except I set the morphing fraction to 1.5, so it would produce a caricature of any of my features that were different from the average face.  There are some strange patches, which is probably due to the color difference of the background.