Final Project Proposal!
Finding the expected baby picture

I just thought it would be very interesting to find some practical way
of expending the lab3. So, what I'm going to do is, following the spirit
of girliness, and creating future baby picture of two people.

Find the average face of two people
Find the average face of lots of people (from the web)
Find the average children's face (prolly in the web.. hopefully hopefully)
Calculate difference between average face and the children's face...
and apply to the average face of the two people.

Input will be the two pictures, gender of the child, and the decision of
who the child should look like more to (this will be mean).

Triangulation method will be used again here. However, I'm going to find some better and faster way of doing the triangulation stuff as the bonus.
It's what I really wanted to do last assignment, but ran out of time.

This will be a great fun project.. :)