yay last assignment is done!
so, here's my lovely perfume bottle from the TOC.
in two different background color .

And here are the background pictures

After calculating the alpha and such, by the equations given in the lecture note,
(this is more elaborated in readme file you can't really access to here)
I extracted the image outta the background

However, when I applied this to places,
it wasn't really great because there were so much dirt

so removed the dirts by thresholds
which slowed down the process a bit...
but still was doable.. my pictures were small anyways..
I got this picture..

And now, applying to the little cut out of the picture I used from my second assignment
(I like the picture.. but it takes too long to produce the mosaic..
so I thought I would concerntrate on hammerschlag)
+ =???

we get this picture of hammerschlag hall seeing through perfume bottle

Great. this time I didn't have much of interesting failures :P