Benjamin Hollis - 15-463 Assignment 2
(Image Mosaics)

In this assignment, we were tasked with stitching mosaics out of various images taken from the same point in space, but at different angles, effectively capturing a wider field of view than the camera would otherwise be able to see. The interface for my implementation is very simple - the MATLAB script loops through all the files listed in a cell array called files and adds each successive file onto the mosaic until it is complete. Corresponding control points are picked graphically with the mouse - 6 or more points will yield good results. At each step the script will show the stitched output, and give you a chance to roll back the last composition in case it went wrong. My source photographs were taken from various locations around CMU campus. You can click on any of the images for a big version.

Boss 2 Lounge

Doherty Roof

Ulm Cathedral, Germany

This was taken by my father about a week ago - it's messed up because he did it freehand, but it was too cool to pass up.

Night And Day

The blending is a little unfortunate, but it still looks pretty cool.

Boss 2 Gets Halo 2 Early!

While most of these screenshots were rectangular, two of them had actually been photographs off of TVs, so they needed to be perspective corrected. I also added alpha channel support so I could add decals wherever I like.

Sidewalk Portrait

Not many people know that I'm a master chalk artist. This is probably my finest work. 2K-tan is the model for this piece. This is the decal I used (PNG w/ alpha channel, IE users need not apply).

Note: The character on the right is 2K-tan, a personification of the Windows 2000 operating system. She appears in a series of amateur comics depicting the adventures of the Windows line of operating systems. She is depicted as the most reliable and levelheaded of the group, though her sister XP-tan is pretty good too. See Wikipedia for more info.