Planning Motions with Intentions
Yoshihito KogaKoichi KondoJames J. Kuffner Jean-Claude Latombe
Proceedings of SIGGRAPH (1994)

We apply manipulation planning to computer animation. A new path planner is presented that automatically computes the collision-free trajectories for several cooperating arms to manipulate a movable object between two configurations. This implemented planner is capable of dealing with complicated tasks where regrasping is involved. In addition, we present a new inverse kinematics algorithm for the human arms. This algorithm is utilized by the planner for the generation of realistic human arm motions as they manipulate objects. We view our system as a tool for facilitating the production of animation.

Yoshihito Koga, Koichi Kondo, James J. Kuffner , Jean-Claude Latombe (1994). Planning Motions with Intentions. Proceedings of SIGGRAPH, 395--408.

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