Flow-based Video Synthesis and Editing
Kiran S. BhatSteven M. SeitzJessica K. HodginsPradeep K. Khosla
ACM Transactions on Graphics / SIGGRAPH (2004)

This paper presents a novel algorithm for synthesizing and editing video of natural phenomena that exhibit continuous flow patterns. The algorithm analyzes the motion of textured particles in the input video along user-specified flow lines, and synthesizes seamless video of arbitrary length by enforcing temporal continuity along a second set of user-specified flow lines. The algorithm is simple to implement and use. We used this technique to edit video of waterfalls, rivers, flames, and smoke.

Kiran S. Bhat, Steven M. Seitz, Jessica K. Hodgins, Pradeep K. Khosla (2004). Flow-based Video Synthesis and Editing. ACM Transactions on Graphics / SIGGRAPH, 23(3).

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