Modular Bases for Fluid Dynamics
Martin WickeMatt StantonAdrien Treuille
ACM Transactions on Graphics / SIGGRAPH (2009)

We present a new approach to fluid simulation that balances the speed of model reduction with the flexibility of grid-based methods. We construct a set of composable reduced models, or tiles, which capture spatially localized fluid behavior. We then precompute coupling terms so that these models can be rearranged at runtime. To enforce consistency between tiles, we introduce constraint reduction. This technique modifies a reduced model so that a given set of linear constraints can be fulfilled. Because dynamics and constraints can be solved entirely in the reduced space, our method is extremely fast and scales to large domains.

Martin Wicke, Matt Stanton, Adrien Treuille (2009). Modular Bases for Fluid Dynamics. ACM Transactions on Graphics / SIGGRAPH, 28(3).

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