Style and abstraction in portrait sketching
Itamar BergerAriel ShamirMoshe MahlerElizabeth CarterJessica Hodgins
ACM Transactions on Applied Perception (July 2013)

We use a data-driven approach to study both style and abstraction in sketching of a human face. We gather and analyze data from a number of artists as they sketch a human face from a reference photograph. To achieve different levels of abstraction in the sketches, decreasing time limits were imposed -- from four and a half minutes to fifteen seconds. We analyzed the data at two levels: strokes and geometric shape. In each, we create a model that captures both the style of the different artists and the process of abstraction. These models are then used for a portrait sketch synthesis application. Starting from a novel face photograph, we can synthesize a sketch in the various artistic styles and in different levels of abstraction.

Itamar Berger, Ariel Shamir, Moshe Mahler, Elizabeth Carter, Jessica Hodgins (July 2013). Style and abstraction in portrait sketching. ACM Transactions on Applied Perception, 32(4).

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